Sunday, July 18, 2010

Final Stop. Wedding Shoe Search…Part 5

The bad news: I realized that I probably needed to up my budget in order to find shoes that I would be happy with. But with any luck I hoped to find shoes that I could wear again on a regular basis...aka to work.

The good news: This was the last order of shoes to be delivered to my home in the quest of the golden shoe.

This time I hit up All in all I was very pleased with my order. And free shipping both ways with a 20% off coupon doesn’t hurt either!

Here are the goods:

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This pair is insanely comfortable! My feet love wearing these shoes and I easily could wear them to work. The extra bonus is that since the wedding is outdoors, a wedge heel is a much safer bet than a skinny little heel.  But I am a little concerned that they might not be dressy enough. I mean, it is quite a far stretch from what the bride originally recommended.

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This pair was also up there on the comfy-ness scale. But not quite as good as the first. I did like the sweetness that the bow added to the shoe. Although I am not sure they are quite work appropriate.

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This pair barely made it out of the gate. Same issue as the pair from Overstock, the strap across the front was too big. Next...

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This pair was super cute. I love the bit of attitude the "snake skin" detail on the strap brings. However, there was no chance of wearing this pair to work.

And finally:

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This pair struck out before even being tried on. What the picture does not show well is that the leather (real? faux?) is distressed. So the gold finish has a crackled look. No Thanks.
So which pair did I decide on? Which pair will I be wearing to my brother's wedding?
Drum roll please....

Surprised? Agree? Disagree? Find any pairs like the one I originally wanted around the $40 mark? Please share!