Monday, June 28, 2010

From the Beginning…Wedding Shoe Search Part 3

After a quick search online to see what I was getting in to, I began the search for bridesmaid’s shoes in our hometown. Mr. Moore and I scoured every store that might possibly have shoes. We went from the mall and Target to TJMaxx and second hand stores. I know it’s kinda gross to buy someone else’s old shoes. But I was hoping to find something quick and at a low price. Plus I figured over the next three months, I could spray disinfectant in them every day to kill anything that may be living in the shoes.

After completely striking out locally, I began officially searching online for gold shoes around the $20 mark. While searching, I came across Shiekh Shoes. I was thrilled that the shoes were inexpensive and some of them were pretty cute on top of it! Initially I had 20 pairs of shoes in my online shopping cart. Mr. Moore convinced me that I needed to narrow the choices down, because while the shipping to me was free, the return was not.

Here is what was ordered, all in gold, all in 7.5:
All photos courtesy of Shiekh

The second the shoes arrived to my home, I was extremely eager to try them on. However, the second I began trying them on, I could not have been more disappointed. Between the inconsistent sizing and the extremely poor quality, I knew the shoes were not going to work. Four of the shoes barely fit on my feet and the last was entirely too big. The few that I could shove my foot in to (imagine one of Cinderella’s evil step sisters) were so poorly made, that I could tell within 5 minutes of walking my poor toes would be covered in blisters. Granted I really only need to make it down the aisle and back, I was hoping to wear them a good part of the night.

Verdict: return all 5 pairs. And never order from Shiekh again.

On to the next 10 pairs...