Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The goods

You may recall my upcoming Ikea trip. Well that day has come and gone. Reusable shopping bags were packed and meatballs were enjoyed.

You may also recall the shopping list I prepared before the trip. Unfortunately, I did not leave the store with all of the contenders. In fact, only one item on the list came home with me.

Let me explain…

1. The curtains. I had actually planned on taking 8 pairs of these home with me. They are great and lightweight. Could be perfect for almost any room. My concern was of the possibility of little kitten toenails playing with them. I need to find something with more weight and texture (to hide the potential pulls).

2. The frame. The mats were cut to fit a 5x7. My pictures are 4x6. Therefore, a no go.

3. And lastly, The mirror. I did not even see it in the store.

The search continues for other items like these. But that is ok because here is what came home with me:

The picture ledges.

But, I also happened across this fabric.

Hopefully, Mr. Moore and I will have some time in the next few weeks to hang the ledges over the desk in the living room. I am going to leave them white for now and revisit painting them after a few months. 

I plan to use the fabric to make throw pillows (yes, more pillows. here and here) for our master bedroom. I am thinking the big, oversized variety.