Sunday, January 30, 2011

I’ve been holding out on you…

So remember back in May when I originally mentioned the to-do list that included painting and installing crown molding? Well, the painting in the living room and the second floor hallway has been done since the beginning of September and the crown molding in these areas has been installed for weeks.

All of the hard work took these areas from this:

to this:

and look how great the end caps look by the stairs!

Granted there are still some areas that need touched up,

but we are on our way! And when the weather warms back up, the kitchen will get a second coat and the half bath will be painted. Then it will be time for more crown molding and the second floor will be done! Woo hoo!!

Special thanks to Mr. Moore’s future brother-in-law who not only loaned us his miter saw to cut the molding, but also stuck around to help us install it!!