Sunday, July 11, 2010

Next stop on the shoe train. Wedding Shoe Search...Part 4

With two online shops of out the running, I started to revisit a few of the stops I previously made. One of these trips took me back to Over the years I have made a few purchases from Overstock, but they had consisted of handbags and furniture. So this would be my first shoe trek.

Trying to stay on budget and with in the gold parameters, here is what I stumbled across:
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Cute, right? I must say, I was quite excited to receive these. They have a good mix of a classic shoe with a bit of sass thrown in.

Unfortunately, like my previous experiences, the online version of the shoe was much better than the one that arrived in the mail.

See these straps?
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The ones that go across the front of the foot?

Yep, they were much too big for my feet and it was beginning to look like I was playing dress up in my mother's closet again.

Verdict: Return. Too bad this pair required me to pay the return shipping like the first batch did. I decided that to meet my apparently high standards, I might need to up my budget. Begrudgingly, I moved from the $20 mark to the $40 mark.

In need of a chuckle?

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You won't regret it!!