Saturday, October 30, 2010

For everybody’s there’s a one-a-day.

There are many 365 days projects floating around the internet these days. People are doing amazing things every single day. Here are a few examples:

1. New Dress a Day: This creative chickie is creating a new dress (or top) every day for this year….and only spending $365 for the entire year! As of right now, she is on day 335 and I must say she has made quite a few great pieces.

2. A Year of Slow Cooking: This momma is cooking up meals everyday in her crockpot and has been going at it since 2008. Guess that just goes to show that one year does not have to be the limit. She is even cooking gluten free to accommodate her daughter (*hint*hint* good recipe source). There are a variety of recipes that she has worked through and many look might tasty! I will be stopping back here for inspiration.

3. 2010 at a Glance: This young lady is taking a photo each day for the whole year….mostly of nature and food (yum!). I could get in to that.

Those a just a few examples of what many people have been doing over the past (few) year(s). A quick online search will bring up many other projects that bloggers and the like have been creating.

It leaves me to think about starting my own one-a-day project. Now I just need to come up with a concept…