Sunday, May 22, 2011

A fresh coat of paint

Even though we have been ready for summer weather to arrive these past few weeks (read: months), Mr. Moore and I have not been able to really get out and enjoy the warmth for a few reasons:

1. One or both of us have been away from home for most of the weekend.

2. The nice weather has only been around during the week and the weekends have been rainy or generally yucky.

3. We have been wrapped up with the festivities for Mr. Moore’s sister's nuptials. (Congrats to the happy couple!)

But this weekend we were finally able to start to enjoy the lovely weather and begin on a few projects that have been literally piling up (in the garage).

An easy one on the list was to spruce up a plant stand that I found at one of my favorite second hand stores for $4.

You must forgive me. I am a bad, bad blogger and forgot to take a “before” shot. So please bear with me and accept these “during” shots as a close and hopefully acceptable second:

The pretty swirlies even match our existing plant stands:

Yes, my sprucing method of choice was a can of black spray paint. The paint cost me under $3. So for a measly $7, I had a snazzy new plant stand that looks pretty darn sharp:


Our weekend endeavors also included a trip to a local green house where we purchased the bulk of our plants for the summer and of course planting said plants. I even got around to hanging the wreath that my parents purchased for me for Christmas…nothing like finally enjoying a gift 5 months later. Here it all is at home on our front porch:

Can’t wait to share what we did in the back of the house!