Monday, July 05, 2010

Fourth time’s the charm? Wedding Shoe Search...Part 4

After failing miserably with Shiekh Shoes, I decided to go back to a store that I know well and one that has a local location so I could return the rejects with no issue. Plus orders over $50 shipped free to my home. What magical store am I speaking of?


Here is what I was able to find on that was worth a shot to fit the golden ticket:
This pair I was very unsure of. Sure they look cute and I love sling backs, but my hesitations were correct - the flower was just too much!

This pair was super cute. I had very high hopes for this little pair. But I could not stand the strap around my ankle. Unfortunately, I could not bear to walk around them in my home for 15 minutes, let alone for an entire evening at a wedding.

This pair was a shot in the dark. The style is cute, but I should have known better that the color would not be right, especially with a description like “metallic”.

All photos courtesy of Target
This last pair is much more my typical style and with a wedge heel, it would be much more manageable than stilettos in an outdoor ceremony. But my poor feet would not believe my mind that they are cute so therefore they should be comfortable.

Verdict: Return all 4. At least this batch did not cost me anything to ship back!

Back to the drawing board…