Friday, July 02, 2010

Pillow talk

Growing up I was never a very crafty type of girl. I started knitting a scarf once. Never finished it. I started a cross stitch pattern once. Never finished it. And the only real sewing skills I acquired was in home economics in middle school. My mom is so talented at all of these things that if I ever needed or wanted anything done, she would simply do it for me. Thanks Mom!!

After Mr. Moore and I adopted a handsome golden retriever,
(notice the jealous cat in the background)

my lack of sewing skills came in very handy repairing stuffed toys that came apart at the seams. Over the past two years with our little boy, my hand stitching skills vastly improved.

One day I came across a blog that turned place mats into pillows. With my newly acquired stitching skills, I figured I could easily take a project like this on. All you need to do is pick up a placemat, take out some of the seam, stuff, and restitch. Easy peasy.

I started with 2 for on our ottoman bench…

Then made one for the guest room, two for the living room, one for the other guest room…

You get the picture. I am hooked on the simple sewing project of “making” pillows!!