Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer to-do list

Unfortunately for Mr. Moore, I have several projects on our summer to-do list. Fortunately, we already have a start on a few...

1. Finish painting. Last summer I began painting the interior of our home. After purchasing my home in 2007 (I was single), I justified not painting because I knew eventually that Mr. Moore would be moving in with me. I did not want to have to repaint if not necessary so I put it off for a year. In December of 2008 after our wedding, Mr. Moore moved in. I waited about 6 months...taking us to last summer. I managed to get one coat on the kitchen and dining room, 2nd floor "hallway", and 3rd bedroom. So I want to finish that project.

2. Install crown molding. This one will have to wait until after the painting is finished. So it mostly likely will be more of a fall project. The bonus is that don't have to be super percise when painting along the walls and celing!

3. Finish the garden. Last summer we installed a back patio. We need to finish the garden that borders it as well as the garden that runs the edge of our home. We have the gardens dug out and plants, well, planted. At this point we need to decide on edging and mulch it all. Here's hoping we remember to water the new little plants!

Lets tally the progress:
#1 - .5 points (at least we got started!)
#2 - 0 points
#3 - .5 points

One out of three is a pretty darn good start!