Sunday, September 26, 2010

It official… I am 26.

My 26th birthday was a few weeks ago. Looking back over the past year, I must admit, it was a rough one. I really began to notice the aging process taking affect.
 Yea. Yea. I know. Everyone is telling me that I am crazy for thinking that I have wrinkles. But I see them. And I want them to go away.

I came across an article in Real Simple that recommended this product:

Photo courtsey of Target

So I decided to give it a while. I must tell you, I love it. It works incredibly well. I am so happy with the results that I have been seeing. My brow no longer has a permanent furrow and my skin is much softer. For ease of application, I mix one pump with a bit of my daily moisturizer and smooth over my face twice a day.

While I really enjoyed the product, I decided that I needed a pair of Boots. So I also added this eye cream to my regime:
Photo courtsey of Target

It adds just a bit of shimmer around my eyes that lights up my face after too little sleep and further to help keep those wrinkles at bay. Perfection!

The final addition to my 25+ beauty routine included a heavier moisturizer that I apply only at night. I use the Target brand version of this:
Photo courtsey of Target

So there you have my altered beauty routine. Have you added any new products to your beauty routine lately? Have and recommendations to share with the class?