Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Situation, part 2

After much more searching both online and in stores, I still have not been able to find a quality bag that not only fits my long wish list, but one that also makes my heart sing. I have begun to think that maybe rather than finding my “forever” bag, I can find a “just right now, until I do find my forever bag” bag.

So that took me down another path that ultimately ended with two options being ordered from Target. With free shipping and free in store returns, this was a no loss exploration. Here is what happened upon my door stop one lovely afternoon:

 The sizes of the bags are great. There are plenty of pockets to keep OCD me sane. Handles are a good length. The material I do not love (but I was expecting and accepting that). So that leaves me on the color options…

Option 1 is much closer to my color wish. However, it is a little darker than I had wanted. It is more brown, than it is tan. So it wouldn’t go as well with my ensemble on days that I wear black...although I am trying to get away from wearing so much black…but that’s another story for another day.

Option 2 is nowhere near my color wish. But it does go with everything. But is it too…juvenile?

I have since returned #1. The color just would not work with me and my tendency to wear black.

#2 still lingers in my home.

What do you think?

Keep it? Leave it? Keep searching?